Behold! Cape Canaveral history! Below are screenshots of the NASA John F. Kennedy Space Center tourist program from the spring of 1976! My father purchased this souvenir for me in Florida during a family cross-country road trip we took that year to celebrate America's Bicentennial. The visitor center was much smaller, then!

Click on each thumbnail to see full pages, which show rocket development and Mercury, Gemini & Apollo programs. The booklet ends with artistic renderings of the not-yet-built Space Shuttle. Double-click to see actual size and note that each may be 2MB.

Front Cover
50 cents in 1976!
Page 2
Space Act of 1958
Page 3
Director Scherer
Page 4
NASA Intro
Page 5
Page 6
NASA Mission
Page 7
Rocket Build
Page 8
Rocket Launch
Page 9
Rocket Launch
Page 10
Manned Flights
Page 11
Lunar Rover
Page 12
Page 13
Space Rendezvous
Page 14
Page 15
Capsule Recovery
Page 16
Page 17
Space Station
Page 18
Page 19
Page 20
Page 21
Craft Assembly
Page 22
Launch Pad
Page 23
Industrial Area
Page 24
Space Shuttle
Page 25
Shuttle Concept
Page 26
Visitor Center
Page 27
Missions List
Back Cover
Cape Canaveral