Welcome to Pillownaut.com!

My name is Heather. I was born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area of northern California.  I love books, museums, NHL hockey, and traveling.

My heroes include Jane Goodall, Stephen Hawking, Carl Sagan, Eleanor Dulles, Eleanor Roosevelt, and Eleanor of Aquitaine. It's an Eleanor thing.

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I started my career in the ungently swaying software fields of Silicon Valley, consistently hijacking my synapses with Oracle overtime and database and SQL and Data Center and IT technology. If you ever have the chance, pass. 

Starting in 2008, I have had the extraordinary pleasure of being employed by our nation's space program for Flight Simulation Research to examine effects of weightlessness on humans, in preparation for our eventual manned mission to planet Mars!

It was here I truly felt I was contributing to humanity, so I now promote these amazing science studies, as the collective experiences have definitely been the most unique of my life. I also do freelance writing, editing, tech, and PR work.

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My articles, maps, and photographs have been featured on NASA Television, PBS, StarTalk, Atlas Obscura, FOX 26 Houston, FOX News NYC, Popular Science Magazine, Universe Today, WIRED Science, The Space Show, Women's Radio, Planetary Society Radio, The STEMulus Science Channel, UK Skynews, and many other news outlets across the globe. I was also in a Mars documentary, as listed on my IMDB page

I go wherever invited for public speaking or marketing, including SpaceFest, Taste of Science, SpaceUp, Star Wars Celebration, ApolloCon, GeekGirlCon, WorldCon, Dragon*Con, Trek Con, Comic Con, CheetoCon, RufflesCon, DoritoCon, and I yeah may have lost track of the actual cons. But hey, if you see me at one, come say hello to me and R2-D2!

I belong to the California Academy of Sciences, Exploratorium, Planetary Society, Spacetweep Society, and the Association For the Advacement of Science (AAAS). 


Hey, guess my favorite TV show?

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I have visited 26 countries on our Pale Blue Dot and all 50 United States. I have also lived in seven (as indicated by the house icons). Mouse-over any state on the map to see its name and capital city, and then click on each to see my state line sign photographs! I'm the only person I know who finished their Bucket List. Any suggestions for a new one?



Road trip, anyone?

I'm serious. In fact I'm probably already packed.