The Lunar Study

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For those who find it difficult to sort back through old blog posts in descending order, here is a compilation of selected entries during the Lunar Feasibility Study.  If you are interested in applying for one the studies, this is an ordered way of seeing the day by day descriptions of activities.

Introduction 1. Study Screening Prep + Lunar Study Calendar
Introduction 2. Johnson Space Center + Compression Stockings Fitting
Introduction 3. Purpose of Study by the Project Scientists
Introduction 4. The Ward, Wristbands, Water assignments & Internal Rules
Testing 5. Blood Samples, Plasma Volume Testing with Re-Breather
Testing 6. Lunar Equipment Weight & Forceplace Test with CPR Doll Melissa
Bedrest Phase 7. Compression stockings + Bed Configuration (forceplate,rails, etc.)
Bedrest Phase 8. Into Bed!  And the resulting insomnia and back pain... 
Bedrest Phase 9. Adaptation to 9.5 Degree Tilt In The Lunar Bed
Bedrest Phase 10. Lunar Bed Config changes, Written Logs, Daily Exercises
Bedrest Phase 11. Reader Q & A about Lunar Study Details, Food, Pain Levels
Bedrest Phase 12. Reader Q & A about Compression Stockings
Testing 13. Final phases, repeat Blood Plasma Volume Test for Comparison
Aftermath 14. Out of Bed!  Blood Pressure Records After Standing and Walking
Aftermath 15. Rehab Days, Special Exercises & Daily Massages
Aftermath 16. Study Completed!


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