S T E P   O N E  Read the details about the program, and fill out the application at the official bedrest study site: https://bedreststudy.jsc.nasa.gov/apply.aspx
Within 2-3 weeks, if you meet the first set of criteria, you will receive a telephone call or  email from the head nurse at NASA's Human Test Subject Facility.
S T E P   T W O  The HTSF will provide additional questionnaires about your nutritional diet, your exercise regimen and your medical history -- such as vaccinations, broken bones, surgeries, etc.
S T E P   T H R E E If your profile matches what they seek in terms of overall health, NASA will conduct a background check, residence history and credit report.  If you are female, you will be asked for your menstrual cycle schedule and pregnancy history.
S T  E P   F O U R  All clean?  You will be directed to the closest clinic in your local area for blood tests & drug screen urinalysis.  Results will be FAXed to NASA.
S T E P   F I V E  Met all the criteria?  NASA Contractor Wyle Bioastronautics will arrange tests in Houston, with complimentary hotel. As long as you are there, you will also be paid $10 per hour for screening procedures.
S T E P   S I X Wyle's "Human Adaptations & Countermeasures Division" will verify all your information and repeat all blood tests.  You must cut caffeine out of your diet at this point.
S T E  P   S E V E N Visit Johnson Space Center medical facilities for tests and interviews.  Your day will look something like this:
          07:30am : Flight Physical Phase I  -  Height, weight, temp, BP & ECG
          09:00am : Blood draws for Tuberculosis, HIV, Heptitis, CBC,
                          pregnancy, leukemia, steroids, etc.
          09:30am : Snack & Breathalyzer test
          10:00am : Flight Physical Phase II - Auditory & Vision Tests
          10:30am : Physical Exam (Ears, nose, throat, joints, muscles, heart)
          11:00am : Neurological Exam (reflexes, balance, acuity)
          11:30am : DXA Bone Density Scan (Spine, hips)
          12:30pm : Full Electrocardiogram (EKG) via electrodes
S T E P   E I G H T Wyle Flight Analogs Screening Coordinators present you with paperwork for briefing and signatures: Study Itinerary, Payment Schedule, Non-Exempt Contractor Timesheets, Safety Agreement, releases, etc.
S T E P   N I N E Your schedule on Day Two for psychological screening will be:
          08:00am : Written psychological tests
          09:30am : Computer-based psychological screening
          12:00pm : Live psychological interviews
          13:30pm : Psyche Support tools and Bed Rest Coping Training
S T E P   T E N  On Day Three, you will visit Galveston Island to see the NASA research testing facility at the University of Texas Medical Branch (UTMB).
          09:00am : Meet doctors and nurses on tour of study wings
          09:30am : Examination of equipment, rooms & activities
          10:00am : Meet dietician and sampled study food
          14:00pm : Informed Consent briefing with Coordinators, Screeners,
                          Scientists & Physical Rehabilitation Specialists.
          17:00pm : Driven to airport for flight back home
After this, are you in?  Will you be one of the lucky few to get paid for Space Flight Simulations at NASA?  You'll get a call in a few days if you are to be invited into the program!