The Space Flight Simulation Study (SFSS)

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For those who find it difficult to sort back through old blog posts in descending order, here is a compilation of selected entries during the SFSS.  If you are interested in applying for one the studies, this is an ordered way of seeing the day-by-day descriptions of activities.

Introduction 1. Study Program Brochures
Introduction 2. My Friends React to My New JOB
Introduction 3. Life on Galveston Island
Introduction 4. The Ultimate Point of the SFSS
Introduction 5. Q & A with Readers About Medical Risks and the NASA Facility
Launch Day! 6. Baseline Testing Ends and the Bed-Rest Phase Begins
Bedrest Phase 7. Fluid Shift, Space Sickness and Side Effects
Bedrest Phase 8. SFSS Featured on FOX NEWS Houston for the first time...
Bedrest Phase 9. Q & A -  Screening, Positions, What We Miss About "Real Life"
Bedrest Phase 10. Daily Vitals Routines
Bedrest Phase 11. Q & A -  Clothing, Testing, Internet Use, Food Menus
Bedrest Phase 12. A Typical Day's Schedule
Bedrest Phase 13. List of All Medical Tests Performed
Bedrest Phase 14. Q & A -  Psych Tests, Illness, Privacy, Exercising
Bedrest Phase 15. Q & A -  About Weight + Daily Calories, Stretching
Bedrest Phase 16. 60-Day DEXA Bone Scan
Bedrest Phase 17. Q & A -  About Emergencies, Injected Meds, Ward Rules
Bedrest Phase 18. NeuroScience Team and Balance Tests
Bedrest Phase 19. Mental / Physical Changes At the Halfway Point
Aftermath 20. Rising From Bed to Outrun Hurricane Ike! Oh, the Drama.
Aftermath 21. Coping With Gravity Again! First Time Standing in Two Months
Aftermath 22. Rehab, Exercise & Physical Therapy
Aftermath 23. Q & A -  Other Studies & Enjoying REAL LIFE Again
Aftermath 24. Exercising Regularly, But Feeling The After-Effects
Aftermath 25. One Month Out


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